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Ardea Legal provides legal support in officially registering rights to commercial real estate (non-residential buildings, premises, land plots and property complexes) located in North-West Russia, primarily in St Petersburg, its environs and nearby areas of Leningrad Region.

Our experience and skill levels mean that we can provide high-quality legal services in documenting and obtaining state registration of rights to real estate that is regarded as problematic from a technical and legal perspective. There may be various reasons for this: pieces of real estate or a real estate complex may have many problems with the execution of documents owing to the tangled history of their creation or acquisition, or else changes made in a reconstruction or redevelopment may have led to complex relationships between the title holders and ensured that ownership title to a newly established item of real estate could not be registered, for instance.

In our work, we adopt an integrated approach to addressing and resolving difficult situations. When we deal with this kind of real estate, we deliver results by achieving state registration of the real estate, confirmed by the requisite registration certificate from Rosreestr, the relevant state authority.

Our services in the area of real estate with title problems include:

- researching the legal status of a piece of real estate and establishing the history of its creation and formation;

-  providing legal help in documenting rights to real estate should documents be missing or if there are defects in title documents which would prevent state registration of rights to that real estate;

- providing legal help in executing technical documents relating to land plots, including when land plots are formed (surveying land plots, clarifying borders, amending the permitted use etc.);

- providing legal help in executing technical documents relating to pieces of real estate created through the merging or dividing of real estate (including buildings and non-residential premises);

- documenting ownership title to pieces of real estate that are received as a result of the privatisation of state enterprises further to privatisation plans for such enterprises;

-  providing legal help when land plots are privatised (bought);

- providing legal help when small and medium-sized enterprises exercise a pre-emptive right to privatise (buy) non-residential premises leased from the state;

 - assisting in documenting rights to pieces of real estate created as a result of the reconstruction,  remodelling, re-planning or other alterations to real estate that result in changes to its external borders;

- assisting in registering ownership title in relation to pieces of real estate (obtaining duplicate certificates and other documents stipulated by current legislation).

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