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We specialize in raising capital for mid-sized businesses. Our mission is to help small cap companies to raise their value and to achieve growth through improving their access to capital.

     It is the reality of the financial markets that access to capital for a small cap company is more difficult than for large corporations. The reasons for this are well-known: banks, investment funds and other investors receive a lot of requests for financing and cannot afford to make a mistake if they decide to invest in a mid-sized business whose risks are almost always higher risks of a large corporation.

We aim to help the mid-sized business to stand out.  We provide potential investors with necessary instruments to evaluate the companies we represent and then we assist them to close the financing at fair price.

Using our contacts with banks, venture capital and private equity funds we try to help our clients to achieve their capital requirements.  We work closely with the business management in finding the best financing solutions, including overdrafts, credit lines, bank term loans, mezzanine financing, and securities placement.